I Needed More by Bill Beck

Everyone wants something more out of life. More money. More pleasure. More prestige. More meaning. We are designed to need more than what we naturally have. Most of us go looking for it in the wrong places.

In I Needed More, Pastor Bill Beck shares insights gleaned from his own quest for more, and invites you to know the only one who can fulfill our greatest needs: God.


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I’m All Right by Bryan Koch & Betsy Fick

June 7, 2015, started like any other Sunday. Bryan and Lynn Koch got up, went to church, and later that day headed out for a ride on their motorcycle. Shortly after 6:00 pm, Bryan and Lynn were just minutes from home when a drunk driver crossed the center line. The SUV collided with the couple, pinning Bryan and the bike under its front left tire, and killing Lynn. Over the course of the next 51 days, Bryan would undergo 19 surgeries and 36 blood transfusions while he fought for his life. Tracing the story of Bryan’s early career in minor league baseball through his current ministry, I’m All Right is a story of recovery, triumph, and God’s faithfulness in even the most dire of circumstances.

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Believer’s Baptism by J. Elton Kolb

Baptism is a key component of belief in Jesus Christ, but it can also be confusing. In Believer’s Baptism, Pastor J. Elton Kolb explains the Biblical and historical significance of water baptism, and also provides a workbook for use in helping you prepare.  Whether you are new to the Christian faith or a seasoned minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  you will find this book to be an excellent resource in your walk with God.

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Where You Keep Your Love
by Rebecca N. Frankel

“Oh, my literary friend, your love is ever so happy when it is blanketed in these words. Your love is ignited in the way these sentences twist across the page. Your love reaches toward me, its own hand extending, tentative. I see, dear reader, that it has been hurt before. But never fear; never fear my dear. The author’s love has plenty to give, nothing shall hurt you here.”

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Why Is Miss Teresa Absent?
by Teresa Sarna

When Miss Teresa got sick, she did not know what was going to happen, but she knew who did: God! God helped Miss Teresa, and along with the care she got from her doctors, nurses, family, and friends, she got better. But being sick can be scary, so she wrote this book to show everyone how God helps us when we need Him. She wants you to know that God loves you, and so does she!

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Princess of Undersea
by Leslie Conzatti

Two kingdoms—one towering over the water, the other deep beneath the waves—balance on the edge of calamity. King Theodore of Overcliff withers in the wake of hardship, while King Davor of Undersea rallies his people for war… Read More

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KingMeFrontCoverKing Me!
by Marianne Modica

“It’s not enough to like a superhero; sometimes you have to be a superhero.”

Life couldn’t be better for ten-year old Ryan King. He spends his days playing video games, riding his bike, or snuggled close to his dad… Read More



YourKingdomComeFrontCoverSmallYour Kingdom Come
by John Holsey

Jesus of Nazareth is undeniably the most influential person in human history. Books topping the New York Times Best Sellers List are written about him. Hollywood keeps coming back to the story of Jesus and continues to be surprised when he does well at the box office. Unfortunately, few people actually pay attention to what Jesus said or grasp the focus of his message. This is true even among those of us who say we follow him. How can we be familiar with the gospel message while failing to clearly understand the kingdom focus of Jesus? Your Kingdom Come is the first in the Advancing the Kingdom series of books, which is designed to orient us to the same focus as Jesus: The Kingdom of God.

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CWCoverFrontThe Clockwork Man – Signed Edition
by W. M. Beck, Jr.

Everyone has a purpose, an identity, an intrinsic value that is unique to them. The Clockwork Man is a children’s book that explores this concept and illustrates the importance of being yourself… read more



RWordCoverThe R Word
by Marianne Modica

Italian-American Rachel Matrone has led a happy, sheltered life. One thing is certain—her family loves her. Maybe they love her a little too much. What are they all so afraid of? What secrets are they keeping? Maybe they won’t mind where she is or who she’s with. But Rachel’s not about to take that chance… read more.

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